Training Material

This page is for any volunteer, leader, or committee member who wants the latest training materials on Young Life applications.
Applications are continually being changed and updated to be more user friendly.
Keep in mind: all of these documents and online trainings can be found on the Young Life Staff and Volunteer site as well.

Priority Prospect List (PPL)

The PPL is an on-line application for leaders to access all donors, volunteers, and contacts within their Area.
Please click HERE for document training material. Or search "on-line trainings" on the Staff and Volunteer Website.

Cash Flow

The Cash Flow is an on-line application for each Area to view what their budgets look like on a month-to-month basis.
Please click HERE for "on-line training" material.

Contacts Manager

This on-line application is a thorough list of all donors for a specific area. This contains their contact information and giving history.
Click HERE for the on-line Training.

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